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VW Jetta, Golf Immo Delete/Tune Transfer Service for 1.8T MK4 ECU's

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Bosch Immo Delete Service AND Tune Transfer from an old ECU to the new for:
Volkswagen Jetta, Golf, Beetle MK4 ECU

This listing is for a Programming/Repair Service, not for an actual item for sale.

We are offering Professional ECU Programming service for most Audi/VW Ecu’s: ME3.8, ME5.9, ME7.5, ME7.1, ME7.1.1, and more(see our other ads). We take the ECU code and alter it to fix or remove any of the current/potential problems associated with the immobilizer. We are able to defeat/turn off immobilizers on already tuned or stock ECU’s. We also offer cloning or transferring if the situation or customer calls for it.

Please note: You may need to clear the codes when reinstalling for full functionality. If this step is skipped, immobilizer codes from before the service was completed may still keep the car from starting. We do our best to delete them before being shipped out but please double check upon re-installation.

 We have to open the units, this will void ANY warranty you currently have on your unit. When you purchase our service and send us the unit, you are giving us permission to open the unit.


We offer absolutely no refunds on our service, at any time, for any reason.


Note: Please make sure the unit is properly packaged, so it does not get damaged while being shipped. Shipping is very harsh on electronics so be diligent.

  • As soon as we receive your unit it takes about 24-48 hours to complete the service and ship back out. Most of the time we can ship it the same day but we give ourselves a bit of a grace period. If an issue arises, we will contact you immediately.
  • We recommend USPS Priority padded flat rate shipping. It’s the fastest shipping with the added benefit of being the lowest priced. We also receive all USPS deliveries early in the day so you have a better chance of getting your unit shipped back out the same day.
  • If your key originally didn’t match the vehicles gauge cluster, the immobilizer light may stay illuminated but the vehicle will still drive like normal.
  • Please have your ECU part number ready if you have any questions. If you need to know which ECU you have, we can help source that information for you.


  • Buyer pays for shipping of the unit to us and we’ll pay for return shipping via USPS Priority Mail.
  • Please package the unit well, to ensure that the package is not damaged in shipping. We do not hold any responsibility for units damaged in shipping to us
  • Arrival time expectations:
    Regular priority shipping: 2-3 days.
    Priority Express shipping: 1-2 days.
  • Any signature confirmation could delay delivery.


  • If you do have an issue with a unit, please let us know as soon as possible.
  • Please take caution, if you do not fix the original problem with your car, any new/used ECU you install may be damaged.
  • Please have your ECU out or have a part number in hand prior to calling us.
  • If you have any questions, feel free to message us.